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A call to action by Czech entrepreneurs, scientists and active citizens (06/2020)

The Czech Republic is now facing a difficult situation. During this time of coronavirus crisis, human connection is more important than ever before. For now, it looks like we will be occupied in the upcoming weeks with getting our stores, services, schools, factories and transport systems running and with keeping our families out of debt. We believe, however, that we ought to look further ahead as well.


The crisis has taught us how effectively, quickly and meaningfully entrepreneurs and nonprofit organisations can cooperate with the government. This motivates us to pursue the right path, now more than ever. Let us prove that we can grasp the opportunity to rebuild, too. Let us build, right now, a self-confident, free, healthy and sustainable economy, founded on new digital technologies, respect for the environment, quality of life, first-class science and innovations that will cast us among the world’s leaders.


At this moment, there are several challenges ahead of us – nature is not prepared  for droughts, our economy struggles with our high dependence on fossil fuels, we are still regarded as the assembly line of Europe, the good life and broader welfare are still absent from large parts of the country and no one knows if the coronavirus will return in the future or if a new virus will appear to wreak more havoc.


We are convinced that now is the time to make a change for the better. To build an economy defined by creativity and smart investments in science and new start-ups, one with an excellent education system, one that brings prosperity and public services to the forgotten peripheries, such as  border areas, the countryside or coal mining regions.


To get there, the attention of our businesses,  scientists and the government must be directed towards these three pillars:


  • DROUGHT: We must look after our national water resources; we need to engage innovative and smart technologies to protect our environment, as well as the nature that surrounds our cities.

  • WASTE: We must look for innovative solutions to the massive amount of man-made waste that are based on the principle of circularity, rather than simply throwing materials directly into the trash. 

  • ENERGY and MOBILITY: Our households, municipal buildings and businesses must take advantage of clean mobility and renewable energies and energy efficiency.


Let us turn the crisis into an opportunity. Let us make use of the new vigour among us, our very own original entrepreneurial ideas, our traditional dexterity and our urge to stand back up  firmly on our own two feet.

Let us support unique kinds of cooperation between science, business and government.


Let us start work on a sustainable Czech economy that is good both for us and for the planet we live on. We must do so to overcome the fear of future crises, whatever they will be. 


Together, let us make a change for the better.


We are ready to lend a hand and participate.

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